Back in Time

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Kids Sitting on Porch
Circa 1930
from family photos

I've decided to go back in time a bit and share some old photos and other memories. Here's a great photo taken in the 1930's of some children sitting on an old wooden porch. This photo reminds me of the "Our Gang" kids from the old short movies.

Chicago Street Car 1938

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Passengers Boarding Chicago Streetcar
from family photos

Christmas in Chicago

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Chicago's Christmas Tree
Daley Plaza


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Chris next to his first snowman of the year.
December 1, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Wooden cut-out of Santa
Made by Roman Ziolek

Winter Barn

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Barn Covered in Snow
Near Wilmingon, IL

Old Boat House

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Old Boat House
Anclote River
Tarpon Springs, Florida

Bronze Statue

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Girl on Swing
Train Station
Tinley Park, Illinois

Support Our Troops

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Support our Troops
Wilmington, Illinois

Walnut Room Christmas Tree

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Climbing to See the Tree
Walnut Room
Marshall Field Building
State Street Chicago

Visiting the elaborately decorated Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room Restaurant inside Macy's (formerly Marshall Field's) has been a holiday tradition for years. The restaurant is on the 7th floor but the tree extends up at least two more storeys where shoppers gaze through the gold painted railing to view the tree. Often, there are lines of people waiting to get close enough to view the tree.

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Wedgewood Boxes Beneath the Tree Walnut Room Christmas Tree
Marshall Field Building

State Street Chicago

Engine #1892

Steam Engine
Tinley Park Train Station

It was an overcast but unseasonably warm day for late November (65 degrees), perfect for taking in the sites of the Christmas holiday downtown.

This steam engine sits on the site of Tinley Park's first train station as a monument to the role the railroad played in the village's development. Tinley Park is named after the community's first railroad agent, Samuel Tinley, Sr.

Launching Pad

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Bunyon Giant
Wilmington, Illinois

One of three bunyon statues along Route 66 in Illinois, this one is in front of the Launching Pad restaurant. Originally from California, the statue was purchased for $3,500 and turned into a spaceman for the restaurant. It was named "The Gemini Giant" after NASA's Gemini program.

It still greets drivers on Baltimore Steet "Old Route 66" in Wilmington, Illinois


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Icicle on Bob's Tree
Wilmington, Illinois

Too "Dam" Dangerous

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Kankakee River Dam
Wilmington, Illinois
December 2, 2006

Turbulent water at the base of this dam have proven to be very dangerous. Many people have drown at this very spot in recent years, yet others ignore the warning signs and wade into the river to fish a few yards upstream of the dam.

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Throwable flotation devices perched near dam
Wilmington, Illinois

We watched as tires and logs bobbed up and down in the water at the base of the waterfall. The swirling water prevents things from flowing downstream, so many things are stuck in place for hours or even days before they finally flow downstream. This is why it's so dangerous to swimmers and boaters, they can't escape the current.

Kankakee River in Winter

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Flooded Kankakee River
Kankakee River State Park
Near Wilmington, Illinois

A cold December afternoon along the river. Temperatures were around 18 degrees with some snow showers.

Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade


Every year, thousands of motorcycles drive down Western Avenue in Chicago from the Dan Ryan Woods to drop off toys for needy children. This year, the toys for tots riders had to endure a temperature of 18 degree during the 20 mile drive.

The Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade is billed as the "World's Greatest motorcycle parade". It's a great site to see--thousands of motorcycles (over 20,000 in 1998), many decorated for Christmas, and riders carrying a gift for a girl or boy. The Chicago Police stop all east and westbound traffic to allow the motorcycles free passage.

We got there a bit late today, so I was unable to get over to the other side of the street, but we still enjoyed the spirit of the parade.

Tinley Park Metra Train Station

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Train platform decorated for Christmas
Tinley Park, Illinois

The Tinley Park Metra station on 173rd and Oak Park Avenue was host to the Holiday festivities last weekend when Santa, rides, hot chocolate and carriage rides were offered free of charge.