Running Between Dunes

Kintzele Ditch flows between two large sand dunes on it's way to Lake Michigan. It's not an easy task to follow the creek inland; the dunes are not stable near the waters edge, and the sides are fairly steep, and the tops of the dunes are wooded in spots. The plan is to follow the creek as far as possible this summer..
Indiana Dunes National Lakehsore

Marsh Between the Dunes

As the sand dunes progress away from the shore of Lake Michigan, marshes form between the peaks, creating micro habitats for wetland plants and animals. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Dogwood Blossom

A fading dogwood blossom found in Cowles Bog, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Opening Up

Spring in the wetlands is a great opportunity to see plenty of interesting plants before they mature, and before other plants get too large and obscure the view.

This fiddlehead is beginning to open up to form a rather large fern.

Tulip Time

It's Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan, and Danny had to stop to smell every type and color of tulip in Holland! He's done this for the past 3 years, ever since he was allowed to walk around the festival.

The Tulip Time Festival runs all this week, May 1 to May 8.