Congratulations to John and Tracey on the birth of their twin daughters Paige and Lia. (Congrats to big brother Joshua too).

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A Christmas Past

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Christmas Carriage Ride
Tinley Park, Illinois

A boy watches as a carriage ride passes an old home in Tinley Park.

The carriage rides are part of the holiday events scheduled each weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas. They include a kid's Ferris Wheel, little train ride, photos with Santa, and hot chocolate and cookies.

This was an unseasonable day for November, with temperatures in the 60s.

Chicago's Christmas Tree

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The Official Chicago Illinois Christmas Tree
Daley Plaza 2006

Chicago's massive 85 foot tall holiday tree is comprised of more than 100 smaller Balsam Fir trees illuminated with more than 4,000 twinkling red, gold, white and green lights and 130 glowing ornaments. The tradition of an official City tree was initiated back in 1913 when it was first lit by Mayor Carter H. Harrison in Grant Park. -from http://egov.cityofchicago.org

Chicago Temple Building

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The Chicago Temple Building at Night
Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1922, by architects Holabird and Roche, this building was once the tallest building in Chicago, and second tallest in the world. It remains the tallest Church building in the world at 29 storeys and 568 feet tall. It is constructed of steel and masonry and is the home of the United Methodist Church of Chicago.

This photo was taken from Daley Plaza on November 26th 2006

Marshall Field and Company

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State Steet at Night
November 2006

It's Macy's now, but I'll still call it Marshall Field and Company. It's a family tradition for many to travel to downtown Chicago and walk around State Street during Christmas. Every year, Marshall Field and Carson's would have elaborate moving displays in their windows, often telling popular Christmas or children's stories.

Marshall Field's was purchased by Macy's and Carson's is closing it's State Street store. What happened to "That great street?"

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Clock on the Marshall Field Building
State Street
Chicago, Illinois

Hay Storage

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Barn on State Road 4
Near North Liberty, Indiana

Close-up of the contents of the barn

Cold November Morning

Red Sky
Looking East toward a distant Lake Michigan at Sunrise
Will County, Illinois

Hersh In Concert

Kristin Hersh performing at Shuba's in Chicago, Illinois December 2005.


Kristin never disappoints. Whether she's performing her solo works acoustically, or with her new "surf punk" band 50 Foot Wave, or with Throwing Muses, the trend-setting alternative band she founded in the mid 80's, her enthusiasm for music shines through.

Called "The Godmother of alternative", Kristin created a musical style unlike any before (or since). Deep, dark lyrics, sophisticated guitar work, and vocals that range from a whisper to screams (often in one breath) are at the center of all three performances.

Home to all of Kristin's music and meeting place for her loyal fans
Throwing Music

November Harvest

John Deer Combine Harvesting Feed Corn
LaPorte County, Indiana

Ted's Barber Shop

A customer getting a haircut from Ted, the owner of Ted's Barber Shop in North Liberty, IN. I've been going to Ted's since the early 1980's and the place hasn't changed one bit (except for an occasional new joke on the wall or puzzle on the counter)!

I guess the building was an old bank or something because the door behind Ted is a vault. Must be where Ted keeps his scissors for his famous "Presidential Haircuts".


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The famous Spongeorama in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

A live spongediving demonstration performed by a real sponge diver. It takes place in the Gulf of Mexico around the mouth of the Anclote River.

I've never seen this in person, but each time I'm in Tarpon Springs, I hear a man with a Greek accent over the Spongeorama loud speaker announcing the departure times , "See a real sponge diving operation! See dolfins along the way! The boat leaves in 5 minutes! There's still room for more! Hey, you in the blue shirt, have you seen Spongeorama?! Bring the kids!"

It wouldn't be Tarpon Springs without the sponge docks, Spongeorama, the gift shops playing Greek music or Louis Pappas Restaurant - oh wait, they closed - and it's still Tarpon Springs!

Orange County Choppers Fireman Bike

If you've ever seen the Discovery Channel's program called American Chopper, then this bike will be familiar to you. It's the Fireman bike designed by Paul Teutul, Jr of Orange County Choppers to honor the 343 fireman who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack. It was on display at a local store over the weekend.


Mike an Chris by the bike


Piece of the World Trade Center

Number 343 to honor the lost firemen



John and Anthony having breakfast at Wheatfield's on Saturday morning.
Taken and uploaded with my cheap phone camera

Trick or Treat

Decorations on Halloween

A "Reel" Antique

Firehose Reel
Battell Center Hallway
Mishawaka, Indiana

The Company


Singin' and Dancin' Into the Holidays
The Company
Perform Saturday, November 4th at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, Indiana.

The Company (starring the grand daughters of the late Perry Como) have presented their lively holiday song and dance show for the past 24 years. Over 14 performers and five musicians got the crowd singing all night long with their tribute of Perry Como, holiday songs, and music from the 40's 50's and 60's.