Green Valley

Green Valley The sunlight filtered through the trees onto the green undergrowth, making it glow against the shaded tree trunks. A vibrant landscape to walk through at this time of year, and the 2.5 mile walk allows plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings - and so does the 2.5 mile hike back! Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Low Ceiling, High Waves

Low Ceiling, High Waves A float plane surprises us on our hike, as it takes a low altitude flight along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and Cowles Bog. As we aimed our cameras at the plane, we were even more surprised to find two others close by. Flying low over the waves must be exhilarating; it's something I see quite often while hiking here.


Slope The reward following a 2.5 mile hike is a climb up, over, and down the foredune of Cowles Bog. Lake Michigan is a few yards away, but the view of the wooded foredunes is worth the hike. From this point, the dunes appear to go on forever, at least all the way to the horizon. After a walk along the beach, we take another trail back up the dune and into the woods, a two mile hike back to the tiny, secluded parking area. The parking area has been a bit more crowded lately. I remember just a while back where I would be lucky to see another person on the trail; now it seems more people are visiting. I wonder if it has anything to do with the August issue of Backpacker Magazine's article on Cowles Bog (featuring one of my photos)?

Liquid Mountain Range

Choppy Waters Once again, Lake Michigan flexes her muscles, turning the sometimes glassy-smooth lake into a choppy liquid mountain range. Nonetheless, a couple enjoys an afternoon walk along the shore, undoubtedly overloading their senses with sites and sounds more common to oceans. This is only a few miles from the southernmost point of Lake Michigan, where Indiana meets Illinois, evidenced by the steel mills on the horizon. This area was once industrial as well, but is now part of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.



An unusual morning at Kintzele Ditch - the stream was not flowing into Lake Michigan. Apparently the high waves of the previous day built up the beach so high, it dammed the stream. We watched as the edge of the water moved slowly across the sand, at the rate of about an inch every 20 seconds, looking for a way to the lake. The edge of the water appeared to breathe, as it moved back and forth.

I imagine by the early afternoon, the stream found the lowest point in the sand, and finally made it to Lake Michigan. First a trickle, then after eroding a path, a steady flow of water.

Geographic construction in progress, right before our eyes.


CoveThe bright morning sun casts long shadows on the dunes, as beach-goers arrive at Central Beach for a late summer day of fun. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Valley of Shadows

Valley of the Shadows Certain times of the year, the morning sun casts shadows onto the steep angle of the dunes along the shore of Lake Michigan, causing the shadows to grow many times their normal length. The patterns that result often create surreal backgrounds to those visiting the beach. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Bean Field

bean fieldA field of soybeans turns yellow, right before drying out, signalling harvest is near. Luckily, this field was next to a small rural road with very little traffic. I was able to stop for quite some time to compose this image, without ever seeing another car. LaPorte County, Indiana.