Under Sail

A sailboat returns to the Black River after a day's sailing on Lake Michigan. The South Haven, Michigan lighthouse and catwalk guide her into the harbor.

Catching Some Air

Windy days in South Haven, Michigan not only bring out photographers hoping to capture a 50 or 60 foot splash of water over the lighthouse, it brings out sportsmen as well.

Surfers, wind surfers and parasurfers find the area just south of the Black River and the lighthouse perfect for their sport.

Aided by the wind, this parasurfer managed to hit a wave and jump into the air at least 20 feet, and perform a back flip or two before returning to the water.


Water Patterns

Clouds create interesting shadows on Lake Michigan, in the morning sunshine. From the top of this 80 foot tall sand dune, Lake Michigan looks calm, but the high winds of the morning built waves around 10 feet tall, and sent them crashing into the beach.

Rip currents are very strong along this part of Lake Michigan when the surf is high, and as inviting as it appears to enjoy the waves, it's best to keep out of the water on days like these. Even strong swimmers have perished along this stretch of beach.

Dewey Caterpillar

While visiting Oak Park Cemetery in Ligonier, Indiana, I stumbled upon a tiny, hairy caterpillar walking up an old, mossy tombstone. It was a damp day, and this little guy was laden with lots of little dewdrops.

Blue, Green and White

The Michigan City lighthouse seen from Central Beach on a very windy day. The spotty sunlight turns Lake Michigan into a multicolored landscape of curling liquid.

Beneath the Driftwood

A worm's eye view of a large piece of driftwood that washed up on the shore of the Indiana Dunes. A couple of days of high winds kicked up Lake Michigan, and pushed the waves up onto the base of the dunes.

Portions of the beach were totally under water due to the high waves, and the dunes began crumbling into the lake. Somehow, this log was pushed up onto the dune.

South Haven Splash

Another powerful wave breaks against the South Haven, Michigan pier and lighthouse, creating a 50 foot tall splash. This pier is a great place to witness high waves and splashes on windy days. Winters are especially dramatic when the splashes cover the lighthouse with ice.

While I don't care for winter weather, I have to admit I can't wait to see this year's ice.

Watching the Waves

Gale force winds pounded the shore of Lake Michigan yesterday, creating waves large enough to crash over the South Haven, Michigan lighthouse and pier.

High winds were around for a couple of days, so I decided to drive up to South Haven, Michigan after work last night (120 miles each way). I arrived around 7:00 pm, just before sunset, to capture some great waves and splashes. This is a very popular place for residents and visitors to walk - although high winds seem to attract lots more people.

South Haven Wind

We found several people in the water on jet skis, surfboards and kayaks. The high waves make these sports more fun.

In a few more weeks, winds and waves like these coupled with freezing temperatures will cover this lighthouse in ice . While I can't wait for the ice formations, I much prefer visiting this lighthouse with the current temperatures.

Summer on the Pier

A short and scenic walk from the downtown shopping area, the pier in South Haven, Michigan is a great place for a stroll in almost any weather, especially in the summer. The beach is always full of sun worshipers while Lake Michigan and the Black River team with swimmers and boaters.

South Haven is the perfect Great Lakes summertime destination. While I really enjoy visiting in the summer, I love visiting in the winter - even though I hate winter weather. Lake Michigan takes on an alien look when it's frozen, and the lighthouse itself often gets covered in ice.

south haven light north side

There's a dramatic difference between the casual, relaxing summertime image, and the icy winter.