Experiment with Lighting

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Dried Flowers

Just a little study on light and dark....

Forsythia in Bloom

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Forsythia in Bloom

It's time to plan ahead and get the gardens ready! The Forsythia is in bloom and that means it's the perfect time to put down a pre-emergent on the lawn to stop crab grass from taking over the lawn. It's also the time to spray crabapple trees to prevent scab, a fungus that turns the leaves yellow in July and then the tree starts dropping leaves way too early.

This is nature's sign of letting me know it's time to get it in gear.

Busy Bee

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Bee on Siberian Squill

Found an early season bee gathering pollen this afternoon from wild Siberian Squill.
At last, the woods are coming alive with flowers, plants and insects.

Spring Must be Here!

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First daffodils of 2007

Highs in the low 80's helped these bulbs bloom relatively early this year.
It's official...spring must be here!

Old Red Tractor

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Farmall 400 Tractor
On Abandoned Farm
Orland Park, IL

Here's an old Farmall tractor that appears to be in perfect shape. The odd thing about this is that it is parked on what appears to be an abandoned farm. The barns are all falling apart and there is no sign of a farmhouse. Someone must be taking care of this property, but it's totally overgrown and falling apart.

The tractor has been outside for a long time; through snow and rain it still shines like new. I wonder what the story is behind it...

Siberian Squill

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Early Spring Flower
Seager Woods

This lonely little flower managed to blossom so early this year, right next to a little stream. I think it's Siberian Squill but it seems unusual that it would be solitary if it's a bulb. Perhaps some little animal dug it up last year, moved it to this spot and buried it for food but forgot about it. Or, maybe the stream flooded and carried the bulb to this spot.

Doesn't matter how it got here, it's still the only spot of color in the woods for thousands of feet around.

First Sign of Spring 2007!

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Winter Aconite
Eranthis Hyemalis
Seager Woods

Not only has the temperature climbed up into the high 50s and low 60s, the spring flowers have begun to sprout! I've seen tulip and daffodil leaves punching through the ground for a few days now, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these flowers in bloom while walking through the woods today.


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Cupola on Roof of Barn
Orland Park, IL

Here's a detail of the roof of an old, dilapidated barn just off of Wolf Road and 143rd in Orland Park. The property appears abandoned, and the five or six farm buildings have all seen better days, but it a very picturesque site to drive past each day.

I can only imagine what this farm was like 50 or 100 years ago...

Sweet Gum Tree

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Sweet Gum Seed Pod

It won't be long now until trees start to get their leaves and the seed process begins once again! This seed pod managed to hang on all winter.

The Sweet Gum tree has some of the oddest seed pods I've seen in this area. They look like Christmas ornaments (I've considered spray painting them) and are a bit sharp around the points. You don't want to walk around under this tree without any shoes!

Tilsy Barn

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Tilsy Barn
Homer Glen, IL

This is a close up view of the foundation, window and door of the Tilsy Barn. The 19th Century barn and the property around it were purchased by Will County to preserve and share with the community. Some residents of the area are trying to convince the county to restore the barn, others would rather see it torn down.

Right now, it's surrounded by a chain link fence and in disrepair, but if restored, it could become a window to 19th and 20th century farming.

Round Horse Barn

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Round Horse Barn
Palos Hills, Illinois

This abandoned round, single storey horse barn is on the edge of a newer housing development in Palos Hills, so I hope it doesn't get knocked down anytime soon. It's really quite large and interesting, so I hope to get back soon to take some interesting photos.

Classical View

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Classical View
Ionic Capital

Here's a view out of a large, beveled glass window in an original Carnegie Library.

Empty Nest, Emtpy Barn

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Empty Nest, Empty Barn
Orland Park, IL

More from the old barn I found in Orland Park.


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Ceiling of the Silo
Orland Park Barn

Inside the Barn

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License Plate on Barn Floor

Once inside the old barn in Orland, I found several old license plates ranging in dates from the 1930s to the 1950s. Most were recycled-nailed to the floor to cover the holes created by whatever was kept inside the barn. The floors have been worn down by decades of use and exposure to the elements, giving them lots of character.

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plate patch
License Plate Patch

Forgotten Barn

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Forgotten Barn
Orland Park, IL

I spotted this barn a few years ago on my way to work. It was about a block off the main road and hidden by trees. In the winter, I could just make out a building trough the branches. I finally decided to pull over to investigate, and I'm glad I did.

This is one of those hidden treasures that I hope is around for a long time, but will probably be razed soon to make way for a fitness club.

I was sure to capture this place from every angle, including the inside. I'll post more pics all this week.

Winter Stream

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Stream In March

Stained Glass

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Stained Glass Window
Koten Chapel

Architectural Detail

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Detail over Entrance to Seminary Building
Naperville, IL

Helping Remove the Old Marble

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Chris Helping Out

Chris helped a lot today... we removed the old powder room marble tile in preparation for new 18 inch square travertine tile. The removal took over 6 hours with a tile removng tool similar to an ice breaker you'd use outside. The old adhesive was very hard to get off the floor - largely because there wasn't enough room to attack the stuff from more than one angle.

The new tiles were cut, fit and set in under 3 hours. Tomorrow I grout and Tuesday the toilet and sink get installed.

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New Stone Set, Waiting for Grout

Thoughts of Warm Places

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Clearwater Beach, Florida
Just After Sunset

Old Main

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Old Main
Naperville, Illinois

Countless puddles cover the campus as temperatures near 50 melt the week-old snow.