Bush Gardens 1965

Before the installation of countless thrill rides, Bush Gardens was just what the name implied- a garden. Here are some photos of the park when all you saw were beautiful gardens, a brewery and a few flamingos!



Bush Gardens once claimed to have the world's tallest escalator; it was high, take a look:

While visiting Bush Gardens in 1995, I don't recall seeing too many of the lush gardens- without rollercoasters running through them - but today it seems that most Florida attractions need to provide more than just pretty scenery to attract visitors.

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Anonymous said...

As I remember it during that time, the highlight of Busch Gardens was the Africa-themed animal park, complete with a monorail through the veldt. I was there many times (having grown up in Bradenton) and particularly enjoyed making eye contact with a panther in a huge cage in the monorail station that was at the top of that huge escalator. I believe my first boyfriend was with me on that trip, which would have made it 1974 or '75.