Generating Power...and Steam

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Midwest Generation Power Plant
Romeoville, Illinois

The Midwest Generation Power Plant seen here on a sunny but bitterly cold day with highs right around zero.

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Eddie said...

Believe it or not, I used to see this view firsthand from 1999 to 2001.
I was working for a family business
(not mine) in Romeoville Illinois, as a delivery truck driver.

My boss had absolutely "No respect" for Me no matter how hard I worked, and got his "Sick" demented kicks by degrading Me in front of the other workers in the shop every chance he got.

When I wasn't on the road making local Chicagoland deliveries, He took it upon himself to "Stick" Me with menial jobs like Shoveling snow or picking up debris. He only did that to Me and not our other delivery driver.

I actually would see and enjoy this view while shoveling snow from the sidewalk or parking area.
This view was especially pleasant and mysterious at sunrise, or on bitterly cold mornings.

This view was nice, but My company unfortunately wasn't. So I quit.

Thank You.