Floating on By

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Floating On By
Leaves Float in a Small Stream
Naperville, Illinois

The colorful fall leaves have been inspiring this year. Warm weather and just the right amount of rain and wind have prolonged the "leaf" season for more people to enjoy. Peak color seems to be right about now, but I'm certain that it won't last much longer.

These leaves fell onto the surface of a small creek in Naperville, Illinois. They'll be transported somewhere else by the running water. Perhaps eventually they will travel down the Des Plaines River, into the Illinois River, to the Mississippi River and turn up in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Eddie said...

Hi Tom!
This is one of the more artistic photo compositions that I have seen yet. This is pleasant and quiete colorfull. Just seeing this one put Me in a serene mood, it is a nice way to escape stress.

It kind of reminds Me of an old Piano instrumental recording entitled "Autum Leaves".

Keep up those great photos.

Thank You.