Wind Point Light

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Wind Point Lighthouse
Wind Point Lighthouse on a beautiful winter day
Wind Point, Wisconsin

A sunny February day is ideal for heading up north into Wisconsin to take in some lighthouses! Sunday was sunny and 31 degrees in Racine, WI, but it seemed much warmer in the sun. In fact, it felt like spring the entire time even though the ground was covered in around a foot of snow.

Wind Point, Wisconsin is a few miles north of Racine and just south of Milwaukee. There is a very picturesque lighthouse and keeper's house located in this little town of around 2000 people. Built in 1880, and standing at 108 feet tall, it remains one of the tallest operating lighthouses on Lake Michigan. With it's original third order Fresnel lens, the light from the kerosene lamp was able to be seen up to 19 miles away. A detached fog house was later built that had an audible signal capable of warning vessels up to 40 miles away. It was also one of the first lighthouses on the great lakes to become electrified, that occurred in 1924.

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north point light pano
A Panoramic View of Wind Point, Wisconsin

The lighthouse sets right on a natural point that projects into Lake Michigan - hence the town name Wind Point. The views are spectacular from the beach, the golf course next door and even from the park a few blocks away.

Wind Point Light is possibly the most beautiful lighthouse I've visited on Lake Michigan (so far!). The tall, white tower and keeper's house paint a striking picture against the deep blue sky and water of Lake Michigan. I'll have to visit in the summer when the grass and trees are green and we can enjoy a day in the shadow of this beautiful lighthouse.


Anonymous said...

I love the contrast of colors between the barn, the lighthouse, and the sky.

Brokecompsoul said...

This is a very gorgeous lighthouse. The clouds in the sky remind me of airplane contrails