Michigan City Lighthouse Watercolor

The art bug is really biting me. I hope it doesn't wear off too soon. It's been years since I actually sat down and painted, then I tried a watercolor of the Wind Point Lighthouse and now a week later, I decided to create one of the Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse.

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Michigan City Lighthouse Watercolor
Finished Painting
Watercolor on paper.

Here's the painting with the reference photo (one I took a few months back).
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Watercolor with Reference Print

I'm still trying to get used to painting with washes rather than opaque colors that hide what's underneath. It's an unpredictable medium to an extent, the colors blend the way they want to; the trick is to control it as best you can and use the nature of the paint and water to your advantage. They still control me most of the time, but I'm sneaking up on them.

More works to come!

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Brokecompsoul said...

I'll give you an A+ for your artwork. I'd try to do painting but the only artwork I could do would be "modern" I've thought about a blank piece of paper as a perfect piece of art :=)