Tulip Time Festival

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Tulips in Holland
Tulips in Holland, Michigan

It's May, and that means May Flowers! Well, tulips anyway, and Holland, Michigan is the place to see tulips. The annual Tulip Time festival is underway in Holland, Michigan and you're sure to see your fill of tulips - over 6 million!

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Odd One Out
Holland, Michigan Tulips

In addition to the millions of tulips, the festival hosts entertainment and crafts. The Dutch dancers called the Klompen dancers gave demonstrations of their dancing as well as their traditional, handmade clothes and of course, wooden shoes.

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Girls in Dutch Dress
Klompen Dancers Lining Up

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Dutch Dancers
Klompen Dancers
Holland, Michigan

The Klompen dance demonstrations took place on Central Street, and ended just before the rain arrived. We didn't get to see all we wished, but the hours we spent there were well worth the drive.

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Brokecompsoul said...

Sounds like a fun time. The tulips downtown seem sort of wimpy