After the Storm

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Beach After the Storm
Sunset After the Storm
Treasure Island, Florida

Our last day in Florida was almost a complete washout. It rained from about 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. A rainy day in Florida is better than a sunny day at home, so we spent it shopping and seeing some sites indoors.

When we arrived back at the motel, the rain stopped and we headed off for one last walk on the beach. With all of the rain, the block walk from the street to the water was flooded. I've never seen so much rainwater on a beach - it was half way up to our knees in some places. Once we got to the water we were treated to this sunset. Along with the interesting sunset, the tide was low and in some places we were able to walk out into the water for a couple of hundred feet without ever going deeper than our knees. If I didn't have my camera, I'm certain I could have waded out past the buoys and never had to swim.

We found lots of little seashells that were really interesting and Kim found a baby shark that was dead. Of course we picked it up and passed it around to other people at the beach. An interesting site, yet we felt a bit somber for the poor thing. One thought entered my mind - if this baby shark is here, mommy and daddy are probably around somewhere....


Brokecompsoul said...

Awe poor sharky :(

Unknown said...

Dear Tom,
I was working on a website for Public Landing Restaurant in Lockport and came upon a flicker photo of yours of the Gaylord building. I tried to find a way to contact you but couldn't. So, for now, I `borrowed your photo and made a note about it on their web site on this page

I want to either get your O.K. or your demand to take it off.

I do not receive, and they are not interested in, financial compensation.

I personally was the opening manager 20 some years ago, and the history and the building itself has always been a fascination. (
I saw the building prior to it's fix up, and met Mr. Donnelly Sr. Last Year they celebrated the 20th anniversary of it's rehab. The building itself Mr. Donnelly left to the National Trust, with his daughter -in -law seeing over it. I sued to give tours of the building, pointing out details, and general history. The restaurant was originally operated by the owners of Tallgrass (my bosses) who went on to buy and rehab the Norton Building a block away.

If you would like any other information included where I posted your piece I would be happy to do so.

Please let me know your wishes.

Thank you

Paul Grant
zenseeds @ gmail .com