Afternoon at the Lake

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Kintzel Ditch Mouth
Kintzel Ditch

Between two tall sand dunes is Kintzel Ditch, a small stream running from Michigan City, Indiana, through the wooded sand dunes, and ultimately into Lake Michigan. It's been interesting this year to watch the mouth of this stream change almost daily. In early spring, the mouth was almost in line with the stream. In mid summer, it was several hundred feet south, and ran parallel to the shore of Lake Michigan, creating a neat little island of sand between. Now, it's just a few feet south of the stream and changed every day by the wind, waves and water level.

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Seeing Double
Chris Setting Up His Next Photo

Last Saturday was a perfect day to photograph the sand dunes and the stream, as the skies were perfectly blue and the lake was relatively calm, creating some great reflections.

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