Dellwood Park West

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Dellwood Park West Mesa

In the midst of junkyards, railroad tracks and old dumping grounds, just west of the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal lies a newly created park - Dellwood Park West. This 175 acre park was formed by the Lockport Park District a little while ago, and it is helping the area return to a natural state. Formerly a dumping area for an old steel mill, this area has some bike/ walking trails, a few ponds for fishing, old building skeletons, and some limestone mesas.

The woodlands and limestone savanna are slowly making a come back from the decades of misuse. Situated right next to the Illinois and Michigan Canal towpath, this park can be visited on foot after a half mile or so walk from Dellwood Park in Lockport.


Unknown said...

Nice pic. Where exactly is Dellwood Park West? I would be interested in riding my bike to it. Please let me know. Thanks!

Tom Gill said...


From Dellwood Park, go under the Archer bridge, next to the old dam and cross the railroad tracks. There is a crossing about a block after you get under the bridge. Once you cross the tracks you're on the I and M canal trail, make a left and follow the trail past the lock. cross the bridge just after the lock and continue to travel in the same direction. In a bit, you'll see driveways that intersect with the trail - these are entrances to Dellwood Park West.

You can also pick up the I and M canal tral in Downtown Lockport, by the Gaylord Building or practically any intersection.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info as well. Its hard to tell what's going on just looking at Google Earth!