Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

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Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

Just a short distance across the Grand River from Headlands Beach State Park is the old Fairport Harbor Lighthouse.

Built in 1871 to replace the original lighthouse, the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse stands 60 feet tall, and is made from Berea Sandstone.
The lighthouse stood watch over Lake Erie for 100 years- from 1825 to 1925 until a new lighthouse and foghouse were built on the west Fairport breakwater.

Fairport Harbor Light

The original third order Fresnel lens is now on display in the former keeper's house which is now a small museum - the first lighthouse museum in the United States.

This lighthouse was also featured on the Travel Channel's Haunted Lighthouses - a ghost cat has been seen roaming around the keeper's house. Years after people began seeing the ghost cat, a mummified cat was found by construction workers in the crawl space beneath the keeper's house. This cat must have belonged to one of the original lighthouse keepers, found it's way below and couldn't get out. It may be the ghost cat everyone has seen walking through the house. It's now on display in the museum.

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