My Photos Published in Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine

The November/December 2009 issue of Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine used five of my lighthouse images for a feature article on local lighthouses, and for the cover of the magazine.

These are two-page spread tearsheets from the magazine.


Anthony C said...

Bravo! Great job. Technical aside: Are you still shooting with your D40? I always like examples of how many megapixels it takes to make a beautiful, full-bleed cover like that. Contrary to the hype, it's usually not all that much.

Tom Gill said...

Thanks Anthony!

Yup, the ole D40. I shoot in Raw, so I have a lot of control over things in the processing stage.

It's the optics and the sensor, not so much the number of pixels. You can always increase the image in Photoshop a bit, but not too much without distortion.

Anthony C said...

My point exactly. Way too much hype on the number of megapixels.

Would like to discuss with you RAW workflow one of these days. I still don't shoot RAW although I have the software to deal with it.

Congrats again.

Brokecompsoul said...

Congrats, again Tom! The megapixel thing is overhyped. Huey used to take 2-3mp files and print out 36x48 posters with no problems.

Tom Gill said...

Thanks guys. Anthony: RAW is great when you need to adjust the exposure a bit afterward, it's like a digital negative so it's completely uncompressed and unaltered. The only drawbacks I've found are: 1. File size - they're 4x as large, so you don't get as many on a memory card, and your computer fills up quickly. 2. Viewing images on computers without RAW software. 3. A bit more work to process (but I think it's worth it)

Ken: I can understand enlarging something to poster size, but for a standard magazine cover, you really don't need much more than 6 or 8 mega pixels.