Ice Along Kintzele Ditch

Ice Along Kintzele Ditch
Ice Along Kintzele Ditch

I think I enjoy the beach and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore even more in the winter. While I don't like cold weather, I tend not to think about it when I'm immersed in it taking photographs.

Kintzele Ditch runs between two dunes, and it's mouth often changes course due to the high waves and currents of Lake Michigan. It's interesting to see it change from week to week.

Changes along the rest of the creek are most dramatic in the winter. Here, ice has formed along the edges of the creek, but as the water levels dropped, the ice lost support and came to a rest with a crash.

Soon, this stream will be frozen across - accept for a small portion where it drains into frozen Lake Michigan.


Anonymous said...

It is the KINTZELE Ditch.

Tom Gill said...

Thanks for the info on the spelling. You can't find it on many maps or anywhere actually....