Gale Force Winds

It's been pretty windy around here over the past couple of days. The storm that passed through reportedly had the lowest barometric pressure of any storm in the Midwest in decades. The winds blew around 30 miles per hour for at least two days, and gusted into the 60s at times.

After checking up on and fixing the wind damage to the house, I drove a short distance in the afternoon over to the Lake to catch the waves. South Haven, Michigan had a great display of splashes on the pier and lighthouse. It's easy to see why this lighthouse tower gets encrusted in ice each winter.

Here's a disappointingly low resolution video of the waves.  They were much more frequent than I have seen in the past.  Generally you get a splash every minute or so, yesterday it was every few seconds.


Stephanie Wallace said...

Fantastic capture of the huge waves!

Anonymous said...

Incredible, and thanks to Stephanie for passing it along! It's still my goal to get a photo of MC lighthouse under the same conditions.

Tom Gill said...


I'd like to capture waves at MC as well! I've never seen waves crashing that high into the Michigan City lighthouse.....I think it has a lot to do with the boulders along the pier, as well as the breakwater off shore.