Buried Alive

Mt. Baldy is a living dune, meaning the winds move constantly blow the sand to the leeward side of the dune, causing it to "move" inland. Due to the traffic on the dune, grasses do not grow and therefore do not hold in the sands.

The dune is moving at a rate of about four feet a year, and in the process is burying the woods adjacent to the dune. The parking lot is also in the path, and may soon be buried as well.

Here's a photo of the dune in 2008. You'll notice the same trees, yet the evergreen is completely buried.
Shifting Sands

On the windward side of the dune, water erosion is also contributing to the movement. The Michigan City harbor piers are starving the beach for sand, so not much new sand is deposited on the beach. After storms, large logs are often uncovered along the dunes, probably buried for centuries under the sands.

The spring of 2011 marked the beginning of an attempt to save Mt. Baldy. Areas were roped off to prevent people from trampling grasses and eroding the sands. Let's hope these actions will help preserve Mt. Baldy for generations to come.

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