A Walk Through the Valley

The Bailey Generating Station borders Cowles Bog, marking the confluence of man and nature. Looking west, one sees industry, looking all other directions- nature.

Following a two mile hike through wetland, woods and dunes, the tail opens up to the beach and Lake Michigan. Known as Boater's Beach, this remote shoreline is mainly accessed by pleasure boaters who anchor just off shore to enjoy a quiet, almost deserted beach. It's a bit too long of a walk for someone wishing to arrive by car with umbrella, cooler and chairs - and just as long back to the parking lot.

Along the trails, you will experience swamps, prairie, woods, oak savanna, conifer forest and beach - including some plant life mostly found in warmer climates such as prickly pear cactus.

The generating station spoils the view in one direction, but it's not difficult to ignore it, and find yourself lost in a time when the entire Indiana shore of Lake Michigan was unspoiled dune.

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