Lake Michigan Gale

Michigan City East Pierhead - Gale

The effects of Hurricane Sandy were felt as far west as the Great Lakes, and Lake Michigan, in particular, was hit hard. The Indiana shore of Lake Michigan received quite a punch from the storm, with winds topping 60 mph, and waves towering over 20 feet.

Indiana Dunes Gale
It was nearly impossible to capture clear images of the storm - the lenses were covered with water in seconds. I was wise enough to enclose my camera and lenses in plastic prior to heading out, so the equipment was safe and protected, but the exposed glass had to be wiped clean every 10 seconds.

Most of the Indiana beaches were closed, so I had to remember all of the access points I frequented over the years just to get a glimpse of the lake. I was one of the few who ventured near the sand - getting sand in my eyes, mouth, ears and everywhere! Turns out a bit later, I found one beach that was easily accessible (along with several other people), so photos were possible for a bit - until the rain.



Brokecompsoul said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Manuel Diaz said...

the wind on its own makes it hard to keep the camera steady. add the sand and water and it is a challenge.