Trail to the Light

Trail to the Light

At first, the thought of a two mile hike to a lighthouse seemed a bit much - especially when we were only stopping by for a very short visit on our way down the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The consensus was to make the trip as fast as possible so we could continue our journey down the shore.

The trail began at the Ludington State Park campground, a wooded area, but soon meandered through a stand of Jack pine, then grassy dune. Signs of dune progression could be seen along the way, as the structure and vegetation of the dunes changed the closer we got to the shore.

Big Sable Point Path

Flat and covered in crushed limestone, the trail was easier to hike than expected - more like a road; it's also used a few weekends a year for bus traffic to the lighthouse. Passing a walk-in campsite, I thought about the next trip here, and camping amid the dunes - the perfect way to capture dusk and sunrise at the lighthouse.

Rising up from behind a series of dunes was the Big Sable Point Light, it's cast iron cladding painted white with the middle 1/3 black - a daymark for navigation.  What a great home this must have been for the lighthouse keepers of the 1920's and 1930's - secluded and quiet.

Big Sable Point Light and Keeper's House

Climbing up higher, I gazed to the north and east at what seemed to be an endless series of dunes as far as I could see.  I instinctively began walking to see what lied beyond, but quickly remembered our tight schedule.

There will certainly be a next visit, soon I hope, where I will give in to my instinct and explore the expansive landscape.

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Manuel Diaz said...

This is a great hike with the only downside being that there is not a lot of shade. The hike to Au Sable is somewhat similar in lenght but the shade makes it more comfortable in the hot summer months...