Lock Tender's House

Lock Tender's House Vacated decades ago, the Lock 20 lock tender's house remains standing along the Hennepin Canal near Wyanet, Illinois. While the canal didn't recieve the traffic it was meant to handle, it was historically significant. At over 100 miles in length, it was the first canal in America built of concrete - quite an undertaking for such a large scale project. The concrete locks still stand today, and all but one are visible (lock 1 is sometimes under water). A few of the lock tender's homes remain, most in need of significant repair. This one, according to locals, is said to be haunted. I've met some people who spend time on the grounds next to the home on nights with a full moon, hoping to see something supernatural. Last year, they pointed out something interesting. It was late afternoon, and temperatures were in the mid 80's all day. I expected the boarded up home to be very hot inside. They pointed out an eight inch hole in the siding. While peering inside, very cold air was rushing out - an interesting occurence on such a warm day. Sounds like a great place to spend Halloween night.

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