Kankakee Confluence

The morning after a spring snowfall, the outcroppings of rock on the bank of the Kankakee River were highlighted with snow. The Kankakee State Park was empty - as it often is on cold days, but signs of spring were everywhere.  The new fallen snow covered the early spring plants, but the river was once again free of ice, and birds were stopping along the river on their migration north.

This portion of the Kankakee River is quite scenic, with the outcropping of rock along the banks, and several overhangs and small caves nearby.  One of the overhangs can be seen on the right side of this photograph. About 15 feet high, it marks a turn in the stream just before it merges with the river. Over time, the stream and river have worn away the rock at the water level, forming a concave face on the rock wall.

The rock point seen in the center of the image has worn away much the same way.  The strata of the rock wall can be clearly seen, because each layer wears away at a different rate.  Standing on that point gives the feeling of being aboard a ship - as the water moves past the point, you feel as though you're standing on the prow of a moving ship.

One positive thing about a spring freeze - the muddy bank of the river was solid, so hiking was easy.

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