Severe Weather

Illuminated Clouds

While the storms never reached us, the distant lightning and overhead mammatus clouds kept us intrigued throughout the evening.  A cold front just south of our position, stalled, and produced some severe thunderstorms that just didnt' seem to move away.

Mammatus Clouds

Just before sunset, mammatus clouds appeared overhead, spun off from the thunderheads a few miles south. Almost constant thunder could be heard in the distance as we looked above at the unusual puffy, clouds.

Usually, mammatus clouds last for a few minutes, as the storm approaches, but on this evening, they stayed for at least two hours, perhaps longer as we could no longer see them after dark.

Lightning Bolt

The storm continued into the late evening. Around 10pm, constant flashes of distant lightning to the south kept us watching the horizon. Aside from the streaks of lightning, the illuminated clouds interested me even more.

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