Tropical Feel

Tropical Feel

As I explore the beaches and dunes of eastern Lake Michigan, I'm often reminded of the tropics.  The sun, clouds, and water can take on the feel and colors of beaches over a thousand miles away.  It seems morning conditions are more favorable for such a tropical feeling.  The blue sky, white clouds, and colorful water are the most to blame, but on windless days in particular, the water transmits the color of the sand below. Couple that with the shadows of the trees on top of the dunes, and the shallow waters appear like those containing tropical reefs.

The recent hot weather reinforces the tropical feel - even when wandering inland to explore the wooded dunes and savanah with the lake as a backdrop.

Boats and Beach

People from all around visit the Indiana beaches, and on some days, boats line the shore, allowing passengers to enjoy the beach and dunes.

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