Tonty Canyon's Icefall Progress

Tonti Canyon Icefall

A close neighbor to LaSalle Canyon is Tonty Canyon, only about a quarter mile or so away. Tonty boasts two waterfalls, and in winter, two icefalls.  The main icefall is coming along nicely, but not as large as some of the other canyons at the park.  The water is flowing quite a bit, so with the forecast of bitter cold weather, there's little doubt these falls will be much larger in the next few days.

In a few weeks time, these falls should be large and strong enough to climb. I've noticed that Tonty Canyon's icefall is one of the more delicate looking, with a lot of intricate details. This must be due to the rock's shape overhead, forcing the water to follow a meandering path down to the ground.

Tonti Canyon Waterfall

You can see the ice columns forming at the top of the falls, in the shape of tubes. The water will continue to flow through the inside of the ice columns all winter long. I'd estimate this fall to be 40 to 50 feet in height.

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