The Chellberg Farm

A Horse in the Pasture While hiking the colorful trails of the Chellberg Farm, I headed toward the old farmhouse and barn. These building are open from time to time, to demonstrate farm life of the 1800's. In the past two years, the barn and fields have been the home to a few farm animals including two horses. As I approached the barn, the horses immediately came outside to greet me. I stood only a foot or two away from the fence, and they walked up to me. I tried to put a few feet between us so I could capture some photos, but they kept following me, staying right with me. I spent a little time with them, then continued on my way to the other side of the pasture. From there, I was able to capture some photos of the horses from a distance. Of course, this horse noticed me right away, then began heading toward me again. Farmhouse The old farm house wasn't open on this day, but I was still able to wander the grounds. In March, the Maple Sugar Days will be held here, and the kitchen will be filled with the scent of fresh cookies baked on the antique wood stove. For now, I can only imagine how many children played on that porch and in the field in front of the house. Autumn Path Behind the farm house and barn, lies the colorful sugarbush, the maple tree - filled woods bursting in color at this time of year.

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