The Cold beach

Cold Beach 
 Our visit to the beach on this day was typical of years past - not another person in view all morning. Many years ago, I would often be the only person walking on the beach on cold winter days, but a bit more recently, I would regularly encounter a few others exploring as well. The weather wasn't all that cold or windy, but the beaches were empty. Good! This is how I prefer it. 

 The shelf ice is slowly building along the beach, but because it was not too windy as it formed, it's not mounded up high along the shore, but rather flat as it extends into the lake. Walking here, I realized how easy it would be for someone to unknowingly keep walking onto the ice to the water's edge.
  Viewing the Ice 
 Walking on the beach, you don't get a good idea of the shelf ice because you're line of sight is too low. Getting up a bit higher is always best so you can see above the ice and far into the lake. Mt. Baldy offers a great view of the shelf ice from about 100 feet above the beach, but sometimes all you need is a few feet of elevation to change your perspective. That's exactly what Dan is doing here when he climbed up this dead tree that washed up on shore.

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