Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Cleanup

After years of neglect and vandalism, a group of people got together and obtained a permit to clean up Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. This cemetery is the oldest in Cook County, and holds the remains of the first settlers to the area. It's locally known as a very haunted place, so lots of people come to have an experience, but many others in the past have come to desecrate and vandalize. The group of volunteers (including myself for the first time) hauled out the rakes, week-wackers and other cutting tools to make the cemetery presentable once again.

All of the garbage, and most of the weeds and thorned bushes were removed today in just 7 hours with around 10 volunteers! The place looks pretty good for only a days work. Imagine what could be done in a few days or weeks.

Here's a photo of the cemetery before the weeds were cut:
Click to enlarge

Here's a photo after many of the weeds were cut:

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Let's hope we can get a permit to do this more than once a year.

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