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Teepee structure found in forest preserve near the old Bachelor's Grove Settlement.

Not sure who built it, but as I walked up the dark, narrow trail to view the remains of the old settlement, I came upon this teepee. The teepee is built in an area of the forest that had absolutely no ground plants, just dark soil and leaf litter-far different from every other area of the forest. Many trees in this area are spaced exactly apart and in perfect rows. They do not seem to be older than 20 years, and could have lined the old Midlothian Turnpike.

It's odd to come upon this area of the forest, nothing adds up. Today, I visited again but after two days of heavy rain, the entire area near the teepee was flooded in about a foot of water. This may explain the absence of ground plants and the darker soil, but it doesn't explain the odd feeling that I get whenever I visit this area - as if I'm being watched.

I never get that kind of feeling in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, and it's supposed to be the most haunted cemetery in the US.

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