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The famous Spongeorama in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

A live spongediving demonstration performed by a real sponge diver. It takes place in the Gulf of Mexico around the mouth of the Anclote River.

I've never seen this in person, but each time I'm in Tarpon Springs, I hear a man with a Greek accent over the Spongeorama loud speaker announcing the departure times , "See a real sponge diving operation! See dolfins along the way! The boat leaves in 5 minutes! There's still room for more! Hey, you in the blue shirt, have you seen Spongeorama?! Bring the kids!"

It wouldn't be Tarpon Springs without the sponge docks, Spongeorama, the gift shops playing Greek music or Louis Pappas Restaurant - oh wait, they closed - and it's still Tarpon Springs!

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