Chicago Temple Building

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The Chicago Temple Building at Night
Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1922, by architects Holabird and Roche, this building was once the tallest building in Chicago, and second tallest in the world. It remains the tallest Church building in the world at 29 storeys and 568 feet tall. It is constructed of steel and masonry and is the home of the United Methodist Church of Chicago.

This photo was taken from Daley Plaza on November 26th 2006


Eddie said...

This is yet another really nice photograph You have taken.
Where is this church located?
This photo has a certain erie quality about it. This is almost like a scene out of one of those "Batman" movies I enjoy.

Thank You.

Tom Gill said...

This is the Chicago Temple Building and it's located in the Loop at 77 Washington. (that's between Dearborn and Clark).

There are 20 some storeys of office space below this 8 storey steeple.