Swing Bridge in Winter

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Old Railroad Swing Bridge
Romeoville, Illinois

Fresh snow cover an old swing bridge in Romeoville, IL. It's now used as part of a bike trail network through Lily Cache Island. It's a great spot to see deer - and the Citgo Refinery!

You can see the old bridge tender's hut above the roadway. It must have been quite a lonley job waiting for the trains to come by.


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Eddie said...

I used to work not far from here on Route # 53. From May of 1999 to June of 2001, I drove a delivery truck for an ungreatful employer, who eventually "Cut My Hours" and at some point felt it was his mission in life to "Degrade Me in front of the other workers".
I found another job and told that loser "Goodbye"! I didn't give that jerk any advance notice, I quit on the spot one day when we had a very busy work week.