Cold, Lonely Morning on Lake Michigan

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mt baldy on a freezing morning
Cold, windy morning at Lake Michigan
Mount Baldy National Lakeshore
Michigan City, Indiana

On the way to take care of a furnace situation, it was a cold and windy walk to the top of Mt. Baldy a 125 foot tall sand dune in Michigan City, Indiana. It snowed the night before and then got very cold, turning the sand along the shore to slippery ice. I managed not to slide into the water or off of the dune.

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washington beach in december
Washington Park Beach

The usually busy beach at Washington Park in Michigan City, Indiana was desolate. Not a single human being could be seen in any direction, not even in a car or boat. A terrific morning for photography aside from the high wind gusts and 9 degree temperatures!

Wish I had more time - I could have spent hours there! Maybe on winter vacation in a few weeks.

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Eddie said...

This brings back memorys.
During the 1990's when I was still single or between steady dating relationships, I would sometimes drive out here likeYou did during the winter. Unfortunately, I didn't have much cash and never really brought a camera with Me on those occasional get a change of scenery winter day outings.

I visited the Washington Park Beach, the Michigan City Harbor, and even the Hesston Steam Museum wich was closed for the season.
No one seemed to mind Me walking around on museum property in the snow back then.

I mainly did it to get away for a day and clear My head. I was never a big fan of winter anyway.

Thank You.