Walkerton Interlocking

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csx tower train
BNSF Freight Train
Walkerton, Indiana

A lonely, two storey, brick interlocking tower owned and operated by CSX stands empty in the small rural town of Walkerton, Indiana. This tower was once three levels, but was reduced to two several years back.

This building stands a few feet away from a double interlocking where two sets of parallel tracks intersect with one set. This line is still heavily used, almost every time I pass through Walkerton I hear or see a long train rolling quickly by these tracks.

I hope someone soon has the good sense to preserve this building before it's too late.

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Eddie said...

That is a really nice wintertime railroad photograph. Winter train scenes are a challenge to photograph depending on how Rugged You are, and make nice Christmas Card photographs in the long run.
Some of My personal favorites, are the ones I took in Febuary of 2007 during the Chicagoland Deep Freeze.

Although the outside temperatures and the bitter windchill factors out of the west made waiting for oncoming freight and passenger trains unpleasant...The results were nothing shy of Spectacular!

Thank You.