Panoramic View

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Kintzel Ditch Panoramic View
Mouth of Kintzel Ditch
LaPorte County, Indiana

Kintzel Ditch is a small stream running through the wooded dunes of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. It's ever-shifting mouth manages to empty into Lake Michigan no matter what the conditions. This stream is our target each weekend as we visit either Mt. Baldy or Central Beach looking for relaxation, photos and fossils. Lots of Crinoid stem fossils can be found along this stretch of beach. There hasn't been a single time I haven't found a few, and often we find 20 or 30 in an hour or two.

I've always wanted to explore Kintzel Ditch, and finally had the opportunity. After following the shore for a block or two, I could go no further without swimming - and it was way to cold for that. The sides of the dunes were collapsing into the ditch by both erosion from wind, rain and the stream, and also by the ground water that was seeping out into the ditch. These things made it impossible to go any further, and the dunes were much too steep to climb without ropes, so I headed back to a point where I could climb up and follow the stream at the top of the dune.

The morning sun was warm and the view from this vantage point was perfect for an attempt at a panoramic photo (three or more photos stitched together to make one large photo). I don't think you can quite get the full feeling of what lies below unless you climb up yourself; it's much further down than it looks- about 90 feet.

I'll have to trek up here during the winter to see how things look frozen.

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