The Last Nice Day of 2008

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November Sunrise
Sunrise at Mt. Baldy
Michigan City, Indiana

Okay, so I'll go out on a limb and claim that November 5th was the last "nice" day of 2008. Things have to get colder now, and I doubt if temperatures are going to exceed 70 degrees until next spring (although I hope I'm wrong). Before starting on the things I had to do on Wednesday, I stopped at the National Lakeshore for sunrise and a long hike. I was greeted by nature at it's finest.

After completing everything, I returned to the lake front, but this time to Washington Park, about three miles north of Mt. Baldy. There were actually people in sight this time!

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Michigan City Catwalk
Lighthouse and Catwalk
Michigan City, Indiana

The East Pierhead light and fog house is always a favorite stop, I never tire of walking out to the lighthouse - in any weather. It seems to be a favorite spot of the locals for fishing and for couples who just want a nice long walk.

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Path to the Lighthouse

A perfect afternoon for a walk to the lighthouse then down to the end of the public beach. The air temperature was in the low 70's, but the water had to be in the low 50's. I was surprised to see kids in the water, I think they were visiting from another continent - probably Antarctica!


Brokecompsoul said...

I got to agree with you Tom! It's all down hill from here :(

Anonymous said...

Michigan City Indiana, is a favorite haunt of mine from My days being single. I miss the light house, causeway and Washington Park Beach. Me and My Wife may be visiting there next year possibly.