Kintzel Ditch Panoramic View

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Kintzel Ditch Panoramic View

Following a punishing winter, the dune northeast of Kintzel Ditch was difficult if not impossible to climb from the beach. The normal slope to the shore was cut by waves to a point where there was a 10 foot or taller vertical wall of sand before the slope began.

A few months of erosion by wind and gravity created a few "ramps" of sand to the beach, so once again I was able to climb up the dune and capture the view. This is a panoramic view made from 12 separate photographs (the stitching is unfortunately evident at the horizon, but I don't like to alter images any more than stitching).

The last time I was on this dune was in January, and the temperature outside was minus 3! It's nice to be able to stand and look out at the water without shivering.

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