Thursday Night at the Green Mill

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Green Mill Jazz Club

Little Brown Jug

For the past twelve years, Alan Gresik and the Swing Shift Orchestra has performed to standing room only crowds at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago's uptown neighborhood. Playing "true" vintage swing from the 1930's and 1940's, this 15 piece orchestra plays original scores of music from the Balaban and Katz Theater Orchestra collection of 26,000 songs. The show is conducted like a 1930's radio show, complete with announcers and live commercials.

Alan Gresik

Alan Gresik talks to his band between numbers

Christina Pawlowski at the Green Mill
Christina Pawlowski signing at the Green Mill

Couple this with the historic venue of the Green Mill Jazz Club - a small lounge once part-owned by the infamous Al Capone, and you've got an evening straight out of the 1940's. You can't get more authentic that this. Get ready for a night of music, the show runs from 9 pm until 1am - and you're not going to leave early.

Al Capone's Booth
Al Capone's favorite Booth

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