Cruise Night

Buick Eight A summer highlight of numerous towns and villages through out America is the weekly Cruise Night, or Classic Car Night. Classic cars from nearby towns are parked along the main street or in the lot of a local drive-in. Gear heads, and wanna-be hot-rodders alike walk up and down the rows of cars, reminiscing about the times when cars were cars. Each cruise night has it's regular showings- the cars that are on display each and every week. You get to know the cars and the owners after a while. But it's most exciting when a fresh classic comes into town, a car that hasn't been seen for a long time, or when you come across a car you once wanted or rode in as a child. The memories begin to flow.

Soaring Chrome

 No plastic grilles, 5 mph vinyl bumpers or airbags, just pure chrome, horsepower, and memories.

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