Meandering the Shore

The boys walk through Kintzele Ditch, a small stream that flows between two sand dunes, and into Lake Michigan.  The waves and wind constantly change the path the stream takes to the Lake, at times, by hundreds if not thousands of feet. Like us, it meanders along the shoreline. Often, this stream flows directly perpendicular into the lake, but following stormy or windy weather, the sand is piled up by strong waves, so the stream must meander along the shore until it finds a point to enter the lake.


This changing shoreline offers so many new things to explore each time we visit.  Last week, the stream flowed in a different direction, depositing mud onto the beach.  Once the water changed direction, the mud began to dry in the sun, forming familiar cracks in the mud.  However, at only 1/4 inch thick, the mud began to curl as it dried, revealing the sand beneath, creating an unusual pattern on the beach, reminding me of chocolate nonpareils.

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