Fall Creek Gorge Waterfall

The Waterfall of Fall Creek Gorge Visiting the potholes of Fall Creek Gorge, we explored a bit more of the preserve, following a narrow trail upstream until we heard the sound of falling water. We came upon a waterfall that seemed to be carved into a perfect stone wall - almost as if it was man-made. The rock here, changes level abruptly, and evenly, giving this natural waterfall the look of a stone dam. Looking Downstream Stopping on the "dam" of rock following a bit of exploration, gave us the perfect view downstream toward the popular potholes of the gorge, and a bit of time to take in our surroundings. This very small preserve isn't too well known, so running into other visitors is unlikely - we had the place to ourselves, and enjoyed hearing only the sounds of nature. Exploring Fall Creek Gorge The potholes were only about 100 meters downstream, but with our camera gear, it's all but impossible to walk back through them, plus, it's not allowed. But we did explore a bit more of the creek.

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