The Potholes of Fall Creek Gorge

Potholes When one thinks of potholes, damaged city streets come to mind, but the potholes of Fall Creek Gorge are far from any urban area, and actually a welcome sight. Found along the narrow canyon formed by Fall Creek, these round holes in the creek bed were formed long ago as water pushed rocks around small depressions in the rock. Over time, the eroding action of the water and stones created these potholes. Each pothole is around 4 feet in diameter, and around 3 feet deep, making a series of small pools perfect for relaxing in - just like a personal spa. And on previous visits, I've encountered people lounging in them. The Potholes Beneath Fall Creek The most interesting potholes are along the narrow gorge, where the elevation changes, creating a series of interesting waterfalls. But the formations are more easily seen along the level stretch of creek just downstream of the falls. It's a good thing the water is clear, walking through this area could result in stepping into one of the potholes, a change in water depth from 3 inches to 3 feet or more. Cascades The small waterfalls provide seemingly endless photographic opportunities, but I found myself, as usual, stepping back to take in the surroundings for a while. There aren't too many environments like this in the Midwest, or anywhere for that matter. Exploring Fall Creek Gorge Fall Creek Gorge is a bit out of the way, and certainly off the grid. There are no signs guiding you to this preserve, and the only access is a small parking area, suitable for three or four cars. Once the parking area is full, visitors are asked to come again some other time, as too many people can damage the area. Volunteers keep the gorge clean, and also make sure visitors are obeying the rules outlined on a small sign at the trail head.

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