Big Guns

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desoto gun
Six Inch Armstrong Rapid Fire Gun
Fort DeSoto
St. Petersburg, Florida

A not so well know park around St. Pete Florida is Fort DeSoto. The fort is located on an island called Mullet Key at the entrance to Tampa Bay. This large park has a well preserved fort from the Spanish American War with the only 12 inch seacoast rifled mortars in the United States. Four of the seacoast mortars are on display, along with two of the above pictured Six Inch Armstrong Rapid Fire Guns.

One of the best beaches in America is located on the north end of the island. Plenty of sand and water are available for leisure activities, along with miles of walking paths and long fishing piers. A small museum displays several period uniforms and items of everyday military life on the island.

A great view of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay can be found on top of the sand covered fort, so it's worth the climb up 50 stairs.

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