CN Tracks, Lockport

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tracks meet
CN Railroad Tracks

Who says parallel lines never meet?! In the case of this railroad track, I can clearly see them touching!

This track runs next to the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal and needs to be crossed when entering from Lockport's Dellwood Park.

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Maintenance Truck

While crossing a railroad culvert over Fraction Creek at the point where it empties into the I and M Canal, I was careful to be aware of trains since there is only about two feet of concrete between the tracks and the 12 foot drop into the creekbed! I heard a soft noise, looked up and the maintenance truck appeared. I've heard stories of some railroad workers who don't like to see people on the tracks, so I prepared for him to stop and tell me to get lost. But, he simply waved and passed by.

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tracks spikes
close up of tracks, ties, baseplate and spikes

Looking through the creek just under and around the tracks, I found lots of railroad spikes and quite a few discarded baseplates, most likely from recent maintenance as the tracks appeared to be in excellent condition.

1 comment:

Eddie said...

Nice detailed shot of the spikes, tie plates and track work.
This is maintained by railroad section crews working in the M.O.W or Maintenance of way department.

This is certainly not ATLAS H.O Code 100 Flextrack from a hobby store.

Thank You.