Fraction Creek Ravine

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dellwood stream3
Fraction Creek
Dellwood Park, Lockport, Illinois

Fraction creek is a small stream that feeds part of the Historic I and M Canal in Lockport, Illinois.
Glacial meltwater cut deep canyons in the limestone in this area, creating a picturesque ravine that is rare in this part of the country. Not far away is Dellwood Dam, a Dam created by the Chicago and Joliet Electric Railroad in 1906 as a way of attracting ridership. The Dam held back waters from Fraction Creek creating a swimming hole deep enough for local swimmers. A boathouse, dance hall, and other attractions were also built at this site. The ruins of the dam and boathouses are still evident, IL 171 is directly overhead.

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Eddie said...

Now this is an interesting if not somewhat forgotten Chicagoland historical location. It is great to explore with a camera in hand.

Thank You.