A Restful Place

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Hiding Out on Rock Creek
A Serene Place Along Rock Creek

A hike on the self-guided trail along Illinois' Rock Creek is very calming yet can be quite exhilarating. I didn't run into a single person for hours, didn't hear any cars or trucks - only the sounds of nature and the running water. The climbs down to the creek from the top of the 50 foot tall limestone canyon was at times quite the adrenaline rush - especially if you didn't take the well-worn route and climbed the rocks.

Views like this one made it all seem worthwhile once I got to the bank of the creek. I know many people have been to this exact spot before, but it certainly isn't a place that is easy to get to. Perhaps in dryer weather, the creek is lower and one can walk all along the bank and not wade in the water, but in early spring, with cold water, I wasn't about to walk along the water.

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These roots sure wound their way into the limestone.

From this vantage point, Rock Creek looks pretty small, but this was taken from about 40 feet above the creek, on a limestone bluff. I was holding the camera in my right hand and a tree in the other. about 4 inches to my right was the steep drop off to the creek.

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Brokecompsoul said...

Seems like the perfect place to meditate