Tropical Blue

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Peaceful Lake Michigan Shore
Large Piece of Driftwood
Lake Michigan

Sunday was a great day for a drive to the beach. After months of cold weather, ice and snow, I finally got to see Lake Michigan liquid again, without the fear of falling into it.

Tiscornia Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan was the second destination of the day. After climbing the 125 foot tall Mt. Baldy sand dune in Michigan City, Indiana, we headed northeast to St. Joseph for some additional sand dunes and blue waters. Following a winter of high winds and pounding surf, the beach was littered with driftwood and other debris, making a walk along the beach quite interesting! We found lots of interesting shells and rocks, the skull from a woodchuck, and two ancient stone beads from the native American tribes that lived in the area.

There air was calm, so waves were non existent, and both the sky and water were a magical blue color that could fool anyone into thinking they were in the tropics.

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Holding it Together
Lonely Tree on Mt. Baldy
Michigan City, Indiana

If this is any indication of the summer to come, get out the swim gear and hiking shoes, cause it's going to a great season!

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Brokecompsoul said...

Wow that first picture really does look like a tropical paradise.